1 . Pekan Nenas, Pontian, Johor – women aged 70+ years.
After a year bedridden due to stroke, she was able to walk using crutches after eating Kzehra’s honey for a month.

2 . Georgetown, Penang – men aged 40+ years.
Wound at his leg is not healing and getting worse because of diabetes, when he start taking Kzehra’s honey wound on his leg start to heal after one week.

3 . Puchong, Selangor – teenage girl.
His mother let her take Kzehra’s honey as she misses her period for one year. After nearly a month her menstrual cycle started coming back.

4 . Balik Pulau, Penang – 6 years old boy.
Every morning he is sneezing in the morning after morning shower . His father let him drink lukewarm water mixed with Kzehra’s honey daily. After 2 weeks began to heal and hi sneezing start to disappear.

5 . Georgetown, Penang – women aged 60+ years.
Knee problems where it painful and cracking sound when bend. Not even a month after taking Kzehra’s Honey she could pray with ease because of knee pain was reduced and no longer cracking sound.

6 . Jujung, Kulim, Kedah – men aged 40+ years.
Suffering from severe gastritis and had to look after food to reduce the frequency of the gastritis. After taking Kzehra’s honey he never suffers gastric pain again.

7 . Teluk Kumbar, Penang – men 30+ years.
Always have fever and flu once or twice a month, since taking Kzehra’s honey problem does not happen again.

8. Jelutong, Penang – men 70+ years.
Suffer swelling feet, diabetic and migraine. Doctors conclude that the swelling is due his weak kidney and heart. After more than a month taking Kzehra Honey his feet recovers from swelling, diabetic is under control and no more migraine. Now he can sleep well at night and more energetic.

9. Shah Alam, Selangor – women 40 + years.
After uterine cancer surgery, she was unable to do housework because of lack of energy. Friend of her suggested he take stingless bee honey. Since taking Kzehra honey she is healthier and more energetic and able to do homework as usual.

10. Sungai Dua, Penang – women 70 + years.
She having Cancer Stage 3 and cannot undergo chemotherapy as she was very weak and erratic blood pressure, her cousin bought her Kzehra Stingless bee honey and propolis. In the first month, her blood pressure stabilized and she is more energetic and can undergo treatment without problems. In the second month she found cancer that she had almost recovered. Doctors who treat her were surprised by the significant pace of recovery.

11. Taiping, Perak – men 60 + years.
High levels of diabetes up to a level the he is injected with insulin. Less than a month practicing Kzehra Stingless Bee Honey his diabetes levels dropped to 10.